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Oct, 2016

NMML Is Celebrating Its 11th Year!

Celebrating our 10th Year!

The North Metro Miracle League (NMML) is celebrating its 10 year (22 seasons) of Adapted Softball.  This program serves aspiring athletes that are not able to participate in typical programs because of a disability. (Any disability)

The action takes place at the Adapted Sports Complex in Alpharetta’s North Park.  This is a 2.6 million dollar facility that is totally accessible.  The artificial surface makes it safe and easy to play for those that have coordination problems, visual impairment, or use a walker or wheel chair.

The most unique part of this baseball program is the Buddy System.  Each athlete has an able bodied Buddy from a local high school or adult service group to help them do the things they can’t do for themselves because of their disability.  The social aspect of the Buddy Program is almost as important as the game itself.

Teams are “drafted” according to age and ability. (Age Range- 4 to Adult) There are 3 levels of competition, Level 1 is everybody gets a hit and everybody scores.  Level 2  is introduction to the rules, a limited number of pitches before you are advanced to first base and from that point on you are subject to being put out.  Level 3 is all out baseball. After 10 years we are convinced that when a disabled athlete is appropriately challenged they can and will improve.  Like all NMML programs the design was done through a collaboration of parents, coaches and Special Education professionals.

Field Status

Open Open

Alpharetta North Park (01:40 PM | 11/23/15)

Open Open

Field 1 (01:40 PM | 11/23/15)

Open Open

Field 2 (01:42 PM | 10/20/16)